The Island of Capri, in 1 day

Read this blog if you have kept aside 1 day (till 6 pm) for the isle of Capri and you are travelling from Naples or Sorrento, or even Positano. The post will capture the beauty of nature during our fun boat ride to the isle of Capri. Please keep in mind that most of the island’s sights are located near Anacapri: The Blue Grotto, Villa San Michele and the chairlift for Mount Solaro. Due to paucity of time, we did not visit the Villa as we got lost in the enchanting view of the blue horizon from Mt. Solaro. It felt like heaven.


Naples/Sorrento to Capri:

There are direct boats from Naples or Sorrento.

You could opt for a Viator’s ‘Small group Capri Day Cruise’. I recommend this cruise for its amazing experience, hospitality and practical advice. The tour vehicle picks you up from the station ( if you have arrived from Naples for a day trip) or from your hotel (if you are staying centrally in Sorrento). Then they take you to the port and cruise you to the island of Capri in a spacious speed boat (capacity: 12 passengers).


Sorrento looks beautiful as you leave the city’s water perimeters. Once you reach close to Capri, they don’t take you to the port directly but take on an excursion around the island.

The island excursion:

The Island of Capri has two towns: Capri and Anacapri. Anacapri is located on the slopes of Mount Solaro at a higher elevation than Capri town. While revolving along the island, we finally saw the rock formation where the famour Dolce and Gabbana campaign was shot.

Also check out the Isle of Capri video.

We also saw the Villa, Mt Solaro, multiple Grottos, Faraglioni rock formations and also saw one formation which looked like Mother Mary. Then the boat man surprised us when he asked us to take a dip in the sea. The happiness was superlative.

Tip: Wear your swim suit / trunk under your clothes.

The captain provides you with water jet spray and towels after your swim in the cooling blue waters.

You could see the colourful rocks, swim to a grotto and come out the other side rejoiced or just chill with a beer taking in the magnificent view around and tell yourself “Who wants to go back home”. Posting a few pictures as I continue.

When we arrived at the pier, we immediately took a jet ride to the Blue Grotto.

Please note that the blue grotto was not covered in our day trip package.




The Blue Grotto:

Please note that the waiting time for the Blue Grotto varies by season and can extend up to 2 hours in peak season. Luckily for us, it was about 30 mins only. However, for a couple, you would spend (15+15) 30 Euros to get to the blue grotto point in Anacapri, then spend  (13+13) 26 Euros to hire a small boat for 2-3 mins ride inside the grotto where the row boatman attempts to sing 4 words of a song and then haggles for a tip of 5 Euros. So, you end up spending 56+5=61 Euros and almost 1.5 hours of wait for the 2 mins hurried experience in the grotto. There is nothing romantic about it (at least we didn’t find it romantic). And by now, you have lost 1.5 hours which you could have spend walking around the lovely streets of Capri.

Tip: Please avoid the Blue Grotto, if you have a limited time for the tour of the island. Instead spend the time at the ‘heaven of Italy’ – Mount Solaro.

Blue Grotto to Anacapri to Mount Solaro:

Mount Solaro offers the most beautiful panorama of the  isle of Capri. To reach there, you can either trek or take the chair lift. The chair lift ride is EUR 8 for a one way ticket (if you want to hike down) or EUR 11 for a return ticket.  Since, we were tired from our 10 km trek along the coastal villages of Cinque Terre and had a time constraint  we took the Eur 11 ticket.

Monte Solaro chairlift: opening times and prices

  • From March to October: 09.30 – 17.30
  • From November to February: 10.30 – 15.00
  • Tickets: 11 Euro return, 8 Euro single
  • Children under 7 ride free on their parent’s lap.

So, from the Blue Grotto, we took a bus (which leaves in every 30 mins) to Piazza Vittori – a 15 mins drive. Chair lift point is a min walk from the bus stop. You buy the tickets, sit on the chair with a flimsy bar. Yes, it is scary (see video) but the views are breathtaking.

Tip: Keep your mobiles inside your bag and hang your camera around your neck so that you don’t drop the most essential equipment, which you’d require when you reach the top.


View on your right while going up


On our way up


While riding down

When you reach the summit, you will be welcomed by a group of fluffy cats. I shall write no further and let you enjoy the photos (click to enlarge) I took the top.

There is a quaint café where you can sit and enjoy a beer or a gelato to go with the mesmerizing view. Please comment in case you have any queries.




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