Brugge (Belgium): Venice of the North

Whenever my friends tell me that they are planning to visit Paris (France) or Amsterdam (Netherlands) or Brussels (Belgium), I strongly recommend that they must visit the magical city of Brugge. Then their next question is can this city be covered in One day. My answer is “Hell yeah! All you need you need is one day to experience its charm”. Either you can do a day trip or you can have a reasonable and comfortable night stay at the Ibis Budget Hotel, next to the Train station if you are en-route from Paris to Amsterdam.

Next question which you must be pondering about is whether it makes sense to take a pit stop in Brugge. If you have ever seen a fairy land movie/cartoon or read one in your childhood, then it’s time to visit one.

And Fairy land cities cannot be talked about, so let me take you through this visual journey.IMG_3816


What must you do when you are in Bruges?

  1. Walk and enjoy the city
  2. Chill at Markt
  3. Enjoy the panaromic view of the city from the Belfry

In a medieval city the sound of bells ruled the lives the citizens. Bells were used for ruling the chaotic daily life in the city. In Bruges the preferred Bell Tower was Belfry. One important bell was the work bell which marked the start of the day. The noon bell was called ‘papklok’ meaning time to break for lunch or pap, which would have my favourite bell had I been living in this medieval city in the thirteenth century. The Belfry had 10 different bells between 1280 and 1745 till the largest Bell “Bell Maria” of the Church of our Lady was transferred to the Belfry in 1800. Bell Maria weighs 6 tons.

  1. Boat ride in the Bruges waterways:

From the top, it seems that the city is interwoven by canals. While it is a beautiful panaromic sight from the top do not miss the Canal-boat ride, 7 Euros per person. You will be able to capture the best pictures of this magical city which still shimmers with its medieval charms. I have managed to capture the most splendid pictures during my ride. Do check it out hereIMG_3583.JPG

  1. The Beer Experience: You must do it. Not the museum, but the tasting. It’s worth it. 10 Euros for 3 beers. Read more about it here.


  1. Eat loads of Belgian chocolates and truffles from the store – Galler.


  1. At the end of the day, enjoy your dinner at one of the restaurants in the Markt before you head out to your hotel. The rabbit here is a must try.IMG_3690.JPG




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