Happily 30-ed in Goa!

Well, I know I am late by almost 22 days and 15 hours… I recently turned 30. Now, please do not count backwards to try to find out when is my birthday. We tend to lose ourselves in these un-important noises instead of focusing on the things that really mean to us and bring back passion and joy in our lives. What I am trying to tell through this post, that in my past 30 years of my life, I have realized, I love traveling. My father used to love traveling too. He enjoyed his share before I was born. He was part of WWF camp and traveled the most of India all the time. P.S. I still envy him. But later on, he spent too much time in his business. Then he stopped doing what he loved the most – Exploring. I promised myself once I stand on my own feet, I will travel. And I am doing so always with my beloved wife, often with friends and sometimes with my family. Because, this is what allows to me spend more time with my family, close friends, wife and most importantly MYSELF.

So, I decided, traveling to one of favourite destinations in India will be the best way to celebrate my 30th birthday. Goa. And I made the right decision.

The Perfect Selfie

The Perfect Selfie

I am sure, the following photos will make you fall in love with Goa all over again.

Sorry, our every trip starts with a selfie in a flight.

In this last minute planned trip, we decided to find our temporary abode near Orzan beach, in small Vagator.

Orzan Beach

Orzan Beach

We took pleasure in relaxing in the only quaint shack – Fish Tail. Excellent food and potent cocktails ;). On the first day, we trekked down to the beach. On the second day, we found a shortcut and an easier way down. Not too comfortable actually, lot of steep-stairs climbing was involved. May I say, a good workout before and after the ‘Happy calories’.

Fish Tail Restaurant & Bar

Fish Tail Restaurant & Bar

We also explored Morjim Bay.

If you are in north Goa, you must eat one of your breakfasts (if you manage to get up in the morning) at Café Lila in the Anjuna – Vagator stretch. Click here for the exact location: Google MAP. They serve the best Bacon Omlette. P.S:- I am salivating now.

World's Best Bacon Omlette

World’s Best Bacon Omlette

And you should have your lunch (chill time) at the Coutinga (Hotel Tamarind); if you do want beat the heat in the afternoon. Sip tropical cocktails, play pool and relish continental cuisines. You will love the ambience.

Or you can just chill in the best pool side bar in Cochichos Resort, Small Vagator.

If you in Goa, one must visit the churches. This time, we discovered a new one in Siolim, on our way to Morjim beach.

St. Anthony’s Church, Siolim

St. Anthony’s Church, Siolim

Goa, always make me nostalgic. My last trip with my father was in Goa. So, Goa will always be a special destination for me. Bye Goa till we meet again, and I had a splendid birthday celebration.

Happily 30-ed!

Happily 30-ed!


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