Humans of Europe – chapter 2

As I continue my #humansofeurope stories I hope I am able to delight you with the pictures and my titbits on them. Enjoy!


She smiles, greets and invites the tourists to indulge in the sumptuous meals in her restaurant.


Well, his job is to talk about roman history and pose with the passersby in exchange for a few Euros in Rome.


She proudly talks of the heritage and wine collection of her boss’s vineyard.  She is an excellent hostess. By the way it was her birthday the day this picture was clicked in Montecarlo, Tuscany. She was waiting to finish her work and go out with her friends to celebrate her 29th birthday.


This musician brings the romantic couples closer with his collection of the romantic numbers and enchants the single ones to fall in love.


He patiently waits to take his new customer in a blissful gondola ride through the canals of Venice.


This roman artist is probably sending a sms to his beloved about the money he earned by selling pieces of his talent to bring joy and smiles in the faces of the tourists who wanted a portrait made in 10 mins.  Very talented!


They make Venecian piazza paradise with their orchestrated melodies.


She comes here everyday looking for the lonely ones to provide companionship, and spend a memorable evening.

Along with the architectural marvels and the perfect weather, anyone’s europe  trip is made special because of each of these individuals who dedicate each day to make the memories of the tourists beautiful. My gratitude is submitted with this blog!

More in my next blog post. Happy reading!


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