Andaman and Nicobar – An Archipelago of beautiful islands

The beauty of the islands has not been destroyed by the Tsunami. That’s for sure and that’s what I would like to assure the unfortunate ones who have not visited the archipelago yet. I would like to take this opportunity to urge you all to visit Andaman and Nicobar islands before another Tsumani hits the islands. Let me take you all through a visual journey of the beauty that I was able to capture with my Sony camera.

Port Blair Dockyard

Chalo Havelock

The Orange deck

Kala Pathar Beach- It is the most beautiful beach in Havelock

Our ride in Havelock

Beach no 2 in the evening

Beach Massage in Havelock – You can hear the soothing sound of the waves while you savor an amazing body massage

Panaromic view from the ITC. Isn’t it beautiful?

My first encounter with a lobster

Check out more beautiful pictures in the gallery below:

Havelock Dockyard

You must read this interesting story about 20 rupee note, I came across in Port Blair.

The 20 rupee story – The Beach on a 20 rupee note is the North Bay beach, which can be viewed from ITC lounge in Port Blair.


3 thoughts on “Andaman and Nicobar – An Archipelago of beautiful islands

  1. andaman so beautiful
    realy icanot explan the beauty
    i say al people please visit port blair
    the beauty of sea and the tragedy of
    freedom frighter
    thank you
    i am bhaswati
    cont no 9832068072


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