Mackichan Hall – Truly a home away from home

The Majestic Mackichan Hall

I think the title of this post says it all. This post is about my 9 years’ stay in this hostel situated at Girgaum Chowpatty facing the Arabian Sea. The building is majestic and classic, made out of carved stone not bricks. I emphasize, so that you can imagine the beauty of the building, and the pride in the hearts of the hostel residents including me.

To give you all a little perspective let me share some photo captures of this architecture and its character.

The Middle Lobby in Mackichan Hall

So why am I writing a post about my hostel? It’s because I will be spending my last night in this hostel today. . Sitting here today I can already feel the nostalgia I will feel from tomorrow onwards.  This nostalgia is about the wonderful moments I have spent here with my amazing friends.  My hostel friends have turn by turn moved out of this place. Now I guess it’s my turn too.

While I am inside this hostel I always feel they are with me… though they are in different parts of the country. This place holds us together even today. This home away from home has provided us shelter when we had newly come to Mumbai… leaving the warmth of our house to make our lives successful. . This living organism has made us who we are today. Mackichan Hall has given us ample opportunities to be able to groom ourselves to face the world. Thank You is not enough to show our gratitude. I hope life gives me an opportunity to pay you back someday, so that you stand strong and help many more students like me chase their dreams.

It’s time to say good bye my old friend, my confidante. Your walls have listened to me when I was alone. I leave you not alone but with many more friends who need your support to step on the stairs to success.

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