Magic or Science

I am writing again after a long time. Nothing has inspired me to scribble about until today. I watched a movie – “Thar”. It is about the unbelievable things in life – Gods, super power, mystery, magic and science. Movies like  Harry Potter,  Tron, etc.  often make me ponder- What is Magic? What is Science? Is there a relation? Any mathematical calculation that can draw a correlation between them.? After much thought I realised that “Magic is any mystery that can not be explained by a mathematical formula”.

Can we explain every thing in our ignorant lives? If you can then do let me know.

In most movies, or according to most of them – LOVE is magic. Why is it called Magic? It is simply because it is not explain-able by our rationale or logic? Love cannot be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided to derive a mathematical solution or equation. Love is like a supreme 0 (zero). When zero (0) is multiplied or divided my any entity it results in only zero (0). When it is added or subtracted with/from any other entity it does not take or give anything away, but just blends in with that entity. Isn’t that what Love does, it keeps its purest form when it becomes part of a life of an individual or another. A very convoluted thought indeed!

I just explained Love. So will it no more be considered as “Magic”. Is it now a “Science”? If if you are thinking of bull shitting me with the pheromones logic, then don’t. It just helps you select a sexual partner, which could actually be multiple partners. But its just because of Love that any individual sticks with one sexual partner for most of their life.



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