Google my life! – If

If I could just google search my life it would have solved so many of my problems. Whenever I come across any word, subject or anything I am not familiar with, I google it to find the answers or to understand the issue. Similarly in our day-to-day lives we come across several such emotional situations where we need to go delve into our past to comprehend and answer some complex questions.

My mind keeps challenging me with such questions quite frequently. And to add to that misery I sometimes do not understand myself. That’s when I feel like going deep into my subconscious mind to understand who I am. Wish I could just google myself to understand who I am and what  I actually want. That could  calm down so many storms inside me.

Wish I could just google



3 thoughts on “Google my life! – If

  1. Devil lies in the details.

    I believe sometimes some mysteries are better left unsolved. Life will become so predictable if we start understanding every aspect of it. There will be no place for emotional adventures and disasters.

    Only NOT knowing something can give you the satisfaction of knowing it eventually.


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