Maggi – it’s more than 2 minutes noodles


Bull Shit: What is Maggi? Is it noodles or is it simply Maggi? When we want to eat packaged noodles that can be prepared in the simplest way, we ask for Maggi. Not “Wai Wai”. Not “Top Ramen”. Maggi has become synonymous with the category of packaged noodles. Anyways, chuck this marketing bull shit. Today I am writing this post to share my personal experiences with “Maggi”.

Real Shit: As mentioned earlier, I have been staying in a hostel since the last 8 years. When I left from home for higher studies, I had 2 basic ( but important) qualities to survive in a new city. These qualities are – my ability to study hard and to cook Maggi in its simplest form. And I have survived 8 years of city-life. Thanks to You-Know-Whom.

And thus began my journey with Maggi. Who knew so many special moments of my life would be created over a bowl of Maggi? We used to get a meager amount of money from our homes and we did not have hostel dinner on Sundays. Our every #sundayalert would be “What shall we eat for dinner? We are broke dude!”. You must be thinking why I suddenly started talking as “we”. OK, by “we” I mean my friends. I had 2 kaminas in my hostel, one of them is a Kashmiri Pandit who is a strict veg Brahmin and the other is a cooking specialist from Kolkata (also a Brahmin).

Let’s go on. We used to have Maggi every Sunday so that we have sufficient money for our daily luxury. Since one of us was a vegetarian and the others including me were hard core non-vegetarians it was getting difficult for the non-vegs to live on veg-Maggi. To sort this problem the Kashmiri was brainwashed to have egg. He refused initially but later succumbed to our constant nagging and brain washing. Post consensus we invented our new way of making Maggi… to which we can proudly say -” Simply Delicious “.

The Recipe:

Boil 4 Maggi (packets) and cook it by putting chili, tomato, onion, chili flakes(Domino’s).

Boil 6 eggs in an boiler kettle.

Don’t cut the eggs.Peel off the shell and just put them inside the cooked Maggi.

And it’s served for dinner. It used to be delicious.  It was probably the extreme hunger that made it super tasty; or probably our mixed effort and squalling at each other while cooking this simple dish and still making a mess of it. What ever it is, we enjoyed every Sunday dinner with a joint budget of 100 INR.

Now we live separately. Hardly have time to meet each other. We remember the taste of our Maggi but don’t have the time to cook it one more time. Hope we do it soon.

For us cooking Maggi is more than 2 minutes noodles.

P.S: I am looking for the pics of the cooked Maggi. Will upload them here soon.



3 thoughts on “Maggi – it’s more than 2 minutes noodles

  1. Excellent…..till date whenever i used to be very hungry I used to think about maggi….I guess now when i see maggi I will think of you & friends… left an instant impression.


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