I am a world champion too

I am a world champion“- this is what every Indian’s heart is singing and will be singing till the next world cup.

We Indians breathe Cricket and Bollywood, though as a country we are associated with “Poor” and “Information Technology“. Perceptions…

Bollywood and Cricket bring our nation together and synchronize our heart beats to beat one, to pray as one, for our common dreams – to win the Oscars and be the world champions in the Cricket World Cup.

This year, one of our dreams has come true. We are all feeling jubilant, wanting to scream our lungs out and shout ” I am an Indian and my team in Blue has defeated the best of the teams, to be crowned the Best Cricket Team in the World”.

With every win, a new dream is born. A dream to be better. In our country Cricket is the nutrition for our hope, dreams and motivation. Every match- win or lose- makes us want to try harder… realize the taste of winning!

C’mon my brothers, lets not let go this awesome feeling… and lets win our everyday race to unite as a nation and achieve bigger goals in our lives.

A Proud Indian.


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