Hard days make me appreciate good days!

It’s been a while since I last wrote.. I do not write to have high statistics or to receive comments of appreciation.. Here, I write for myself…to speak my mind out..to express the ramblings of my mind…”Ramblings of Roy”

Whenever I feel stressed or de-motivated I look into my past to see and measure the hardships I have gone through to reach this place in the present, where I stand now.. It’s not been an easy process… I feel proud and motivated to go ahead further, to surrender myself into higher levels of hardships, in order to derive higher levels of motivation, so that when I look back again.. I feel uber-ly-motivated…

Its been an #awesome journey so far… And look I into the future with anticipation and hope of seeing myself grow stronger, having higher endurance.

I also want to thank all the people who have provided me support, love and affection.

I have missed spending time with my family for more than 7 years, lost my father, missed seeing my brother shave for the first time and teaching him how to ride the bike.. I am glad that I had the opportunity to teach him how to ride the bicycle..

The time spent with my dear ones is the armour I carry with me to my way forward.

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