The Democracy and The Industrialization

Democracy is a difficult form of govt. It requires courage and above all it requires knowledge.

The Republic of India has for 63 years held elections. High voter turn out and vigorous national press coverage, is a proof of India’s power and stability.

With power and stability comes the greed to grow and that greed leads to better productivity and also towards extreme industrialization. And we tend to ignore the ill-effects of the I-word. This carefully chosen-ignorance will veer us towards a perilous Malthusian Climax. We must take action through our Democratic power of choice.

In the 1930s Gandhi had written that industrialization would strip the “world bare like locusts“. And let us also realize that, with our well educated mind or even with the sense we all are endowed with – “The COMMON sense“, we need to address this environmental crisis. Or else it will be too late to prevent it or survive the catastrophic impacts of climate change. A simple example is the november rain in Mumbai. People listen to the growling of mother Nature.

Let’s all remember : “The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.” So let’s all realize our capabilities and do it.


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