Twitter and Blackberry makes the world small

When i visit my twitter profile “@ronitroy” it says “Joined Twitter Tue Sep 1 , 12:38 32 + 0000 2009″. That’s correct, that’s when I joined twitter . Much later say around April 2010,  I became active….. no let’s put it as my friends and colleagues put it “super active” on twitter. They say that I am obsessed with twitter. Hell yeah! I am so… I  love being on twitter, interacting with so many lovely people with interesting opinions. I come to know about the interesting incidents and events on a real time basis… Thanks to the many “super active ” people like me. And with Blackberry on my gadget portfolio it has been one shell of an experience… ( tip: Use Uber twitter rather than Twitter for Blackberry)

The First tweet-up:

It happened at Ambience Bar. It was a secret meet-up. So would not be able to disclose much of the happenings. Met a couple of guys. Had beer. Discussed twitter, beer and some random stuff….exchanged twitter handles… and from the next day we became “twitter-pals”… it reminds me of the days when kids used to have pen-pals… but the only difference is that the letter used to be read in private…. whereas on twitter it happens in public where tweeps exchange opinions, gratitude, announcements, smiles and abuses in public…. it so much believes in the act- “Freedom to express” …

Then through them I met and made more friends on twitter, who I later realized were either from the same college that went to, or had a common friend or used to be the guy we used to hate at one point in time. So that’s how I kept making friends from different parts of the world, the world becoming a small place. We all have some common topic to share or have something new to know and experience (via twitpic or plixi) . Thanks Twitter and BlackBerry. Cheers!!


2 thoughts on “Twitter and Blackberry makes the world small

  1. I guess we all have our first tweet moments. I agree Twitter makes life better due to so many reasons … For starters it gives a platform to express oneself. Everytime I read a good tweet form my iPhone I get the same feeling expressed in this blog. What a rocking combination. Those who don’t have it dont know what they are missing out on.


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